Disgusting and horrible. That is the proper description for a restaurant in Nigeria presenting human flesh.
Dream quoted from the BBC and Telegraph.co.uk, Wednesday, May 20, 2015, a Nigerian restaurant which was not identified are reported to have closed because cooking human flesh and then menyuguhkannya to visitors.

The restaurant was closed after police received reports from locals who suspected something terrible has happened in a restaurant kitchen controversial.

Hotel restaurant kitchen during the search, the police found a human head that was covered in blood in a plastic bag.

In addition, police also surprised by some of the weapons that have nothing to do with cooking in the kitchen of the restaurant. One is some grenades.

For the incident, 10 people suspected of pertaining to treat human flesh had been arrested.

"I'm not surprised by the shocking discovery. Every time I go to the market, I observed a strange activity going on in that hotel," said a local resident.

"People never dressed clean and that seemed a bit odd is the way they get in and out of the hotel, makes me very suspicious of their activities."

A local resident who ate at the restaurant located in the southeastern city of Anambra was surprised with the price of food is very expensive.

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