We're another day closer to the iPhone 7 launch an another batch of photos has appeared online showcasing the handset design. What's more, in-line with several recent rumours driving home the assertion that there will be TWO handsets not three, the images clearly show a pair of handsets believed to be the regular sized iPhone 7 and a larger iPhone 7 Plus phablet with dual-camera. What's interesting is the larger dual-camera model doesn't have the previsouly leaked Smart connector pins on the rear panel, however, this could be due to the models on show here being dummy units rather than the real deal.

“Copyright enforcement technology never stops piracy and always hurts the people who most rely on legal fair use,’ said the report, “but you can bet the music industry is going to start cracking down on ‘unauthorized’ playback and recording devices anyway. We deal with DRM when it comes to video because we generally don’t rewatch and take TV shows and movies with us, but you will rue the day Apple decided to make the iPhone another 1mm thinner the instant you get a "playback device not supported" message. Winter is coming.”

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