Today the modern world of gadgets has added another incredible device to their collection - Cronzy. We want to see our future as bright and colorful so we are working on the creation of a new high-tech art tool - Cronzy. This wonder-pen allows you to write or draw in any color you like, with a selection of more than 16 million colors. Now, in order to create a cool picture or write a colorful story, you don't need to carry around dozens of multi-colored pens, all you need is a single one: Cronzy. But that's not all! There is a built-in "color scanner" built into the body of the pen and in just a few seconds, you can scan any color you like and re-create it in your diary, sketchbook, on canvas, or on the skin, etc. Point the pen at any object, a green leaf or a brown mug - and the ink color will be the same as the scanned object.

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