Dan Bilzerian 10 Things You Didn't Know About Him 1.Once, he had to bail his father out from jail by signing over a third of his trust fund. His father wasn’t impressed though, never saying thank you for the gesture! 2.Dan is a Stuntman and an Actor you might have spotted him in movies like The Other Woman, The Equalizer and Cat Run 2. 3.By the time you're watching this he probably has over 15 million instagram followers. 4.He was kicked out from high school for bringing in and bragging about an M16 that he had in the trunk of his car. 5.He was enlisted in the Navy for four years and hoped he would become a Navy Seal. But after completing 510 days of training 6.He once gave 2,000 dollars in his friend Jay Farber, a fellow poker player nicknamed “Panda”. Panda finished second in the 2013 World Series Of Poker Main Event and won $5.1 million 7.Dan is also an avid race car enthusiast. He once made $400,000 by winning the race against Supreme Court Litigator, Tom Goldstein. 8.His cat, Smushball, has over 750,000 Instagram followers 9.The 33 year old poker player already had two documented heart attacks. In fact he got both of them 24 hours apart from one another. 10. He's got a girlfriend named Andreea who he's in an open relationship with. She also takes care of Smushball.

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