TEN THOUSAND MEN AND COUNTING. If it were a work of fiction it'd be astonishing enough, however, contemplate if you will, that what you will read is based on a true story and you will discover the true magnificence of this title. This hot new title of 2014 is raising eyebrows. Not only for the sometimes raunchy subject matter, but also for the unexpectedly emotional journey it takes the reader on. It's hot, it's very much controversial, it's an enthralling read and importantly, it's tasteful. In penning this book, Gwyneth Montenegro has shared a heartfelt tale that will have women, the world over, laughing one moment and crying the next as they become enthralled in her challenging and often sala*cious lifestyle. If you like a fast paced story. A true rags to riches tale of overcoming adversity then we'd encourage you to read 10,000 Men and Counting.

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