Professor Somadeva by iharavana statement has turned the entire country.

He says the country's history since the formation of the settlement came from North India starts is not correct because the theory that Indian immigrants.Teacher Raj Somadeva associated with article Graduate Institute of Archaeology at the institution of Kelaniya, claims that 90 percent regarding the facts which has been located indicates that this really is certainly this site with the destroyed town of Chandana Grama. An Archaeological dig is currently underway into the Kalthota room, about 30 kms from Balangoda.Professor Raj sōmadēvayan says the traditional view that the latest research has collapsed in a situation that, as a result of the North Indian migrants.These experts are disregarding the dangers in their earnest look for details on an ancient records that happens to be buried without a trace because of the sands of time – to present this knowledge to generations to come.

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