Ancient Tunnel receive scene alavaṁguvakin dig it deeper and that further saw the street canal to a level of about 30 legs tested that had been employed at the webpages villager stated kaḷēumaga found location alavaṁguvakin dig it deeper and therefore continues to analyze the level of about 30 foot train noticed that the villager had been doing work in the place that is same After several citizens Damn it locate the horizontally regarding the opinion that the villager able to travelling a distance of two possible tracks was basically about a lot of base minus the trouble this particular was a secret canal to Hagurunketha throughout the Kandyan Kingdom these may be right up. Nevertheless this one as a closure that is safe-
King revealed details of umagē rajakālē emergence of chivalry
Alavaṁguvakin dig deeper location of the tunnel, it was found that the longer tunnels saw a depth of nearly 30 feet and that was a close check on the villager was working at that place

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