Galle face hotel again told not to tell anyone of course. It knows more. Look familiar. This wonderful hotel is open again after vuṇā.ē navīkakaraṇayen recently have become more Aluthwela.When you were talking a lot about this new luxury hotel built, we'll talk about different things and new restaurant history. If hair is really bringing the history of the world tourism industry that has made this restaurant before starting so right. Because we know Suez Canal is working with the end of the world, east and west, and the traffic can be short-lived. This global recognition is the Suez Canal would be completed in the beginning of the world tourism industry.Adding that Suez Canal is completed in 1869. But on the Galle face hotel building built in 1864. Adding that the industry is too old restaurant.Why did tourists injection Iqbal restaurant? A: The answer to that question is that this once "Galle face house" that. That is formed this together four British businessmen. This is not a hotel, but some reports say before the English government owned building that otherwise bungalow.Because before the Governor to meet someone going the white nobleman came here. Rains can see from here once the official residence of the Governor kolinma.

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