The Green Planet , which opened at City walk on the 1st of September, recreates the natural environment of rainforests, with their rich biological diversity of more than 3000 plants and animals. The center is full of variety of animals and birds brought right out of the jungle. A variety of species of free-roaming birds, including unique parrots, toucans, porcupines and others, reptiles, frogs, sloths, ants, bees, cockroaches, and many more.-Dubai Desert mǣda idikarapu rainforest here

Visitors start their journey on the 4th floor, and as they come down, the journey becomes more and more educational. You can even observe the process of how the caterpillars are undergoing a remarkable transformation to become a butterfly. As you can see, the employees of the Green Planet are very pleased to help them in this process.-Dubai Desert mǣda idikarapu rainforest here

There is also an aquarium, with more than 15 species of fish, ponds with lily pads, turtles and dragonflies. The entrance fee to the dome is Dh95 for adults and Dh70 for kids.
There is also a nice souvenir shop at the exit, with especially well-designed t-shirts for kids, and plush toys featuring all inhabitants of the centre.-Dubai Desert mǣda idikarapu rainforest here

All in all, we had a great day in the dome and advise you to visit it too.-Dubai Desert mǣda idikarapu rainforest here

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