Banana or banana deer venison curry dish with oil and put in the hands of our folk always prepared Housewives. Taste Nutrition, as well as by the high banana deer can be prepared in a different way today if Rasanduna bring food and drink to feature interesting weekend.-Lotuses are well washed, boiled bananas ad about 5 minutes left in the water is boiling and fine writing. After a few well-washed lentils ad twisted a little overenthusiastic. Why, the steamed banana mouth so should grind. (Pounding, chili stone grinders or a support)

Curry and onions green chilies all ad Ana fine writing and add the salt and mix well with some brewed for bananas lentils and deer.-
The mixture little by little the curled, flat and round and get adequate. Ḷipa pan and put oil down the well-beaten Wade burns down deep golden color until steaming.

To eat hot or running the weekend is nice to eat at the trip.

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