Heat until boiling put two cups of water in a bowl. Add boiling water to boiling until transparent TPMS TPMS bones. Then put the coconut milk splash scoops as well nogæhena cubes. When boiling milk grated jaggery, cashew and add dry from Split-
Drive carefully trying to butter pudding balm.
Boil the milk is heated to well put. The TPMS, add salt and cinnamon powder Mix well.
TPMS seawater heat until transparent.
Add the butter and vanilla with its own half cups of sugar and spoons carefully sweep. Download to chop the mixture.
Add egg yellow kernels off well to mix.
Pour it before butter pudding sprinkled on the disk.

Well off the remaining half cups of sugar, add egg white has picked up again until the yolk is hard. Spread the mixture on sale in the pudding this drive solution.

Taiwan Hot 160 ° C before (preheated) Make Bake about 40 minutes to put into the oven.

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