If you're enjoying all these recent patent renderings representing Russian president Vladimir Putin's efforts of creating a new line of luxury vehicles, know that this luxury minibus is primed for seeing the light of day.

Based on earlier reports, we heard that Project Cortege will spawn not just a presidential limo, but also a sedan, an SUV and a minivan/bus, which we're guessing would be this thing.

According to Russia's Cardesign, these patent images show that exact minivan, which could ultimately resemble something like a modern-day Skoda, while adding sliding rear doors and a massive roof rack that we don't actually see here.-This vehicle is not illegal. It is made for a specific clientele. If someone with a wheelchair needs such a vehicle then that person can have it customized if that person does buy the vehicle.

However, various sources state that the production-ready model will look different compared to these samples, while retaining the proportions and a few other basic elements. Once on the road, the Mercedes V-Class and VW Transporter should be its direct rivals.

As for what it's called, all we got is the word 'NAMI' from reports, courtesy of Auto Mail, which said that the design has been registered under this particular name.

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