Tourism Ropeway Road. It carries tourists and pilgrims to the top of Mount Huashan at an altitude of 2,120 m at the heart of the Chinese province of Shaanxi. POMA teams raised the challenge of installing a gondola lift 4.2 km long for a vertical rise of 900 m. The Huashan MULTIX 8 gondola lift is divided into two sections with an intermediate station. The first section is 1,815 km long with a vertical rise of 68 m and comprises 38 cabins. The second section is 2,396 km long with a vertical rise of 826 m and 48 cabins. The ropeway has several 600 m spans without towers. To respect this UNESCO World Heritage Site, POMA imagined and built an underground tunnel to reach the top station through a 150 m long tunnel chiselled in the mountain.The temple built on the hill in the beautiful mountains at an elevation of 5.460 feet above sea level (Taoism temple) is located in China's Shaanxi Province.

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