A lime is a citrus fruit, round in shape, green in
color, 3—6 centimeters (1.2—2.4 in) in diameter,
and contains acidic juice vesicles. Different
species of citrus trees are key lime (Citrus

' aurantifolia), Persian lime, kaffir lime and desert

limes. Limes is a rich source of vitamin C and

are often used to accent the flavors of foods and
the beverages.
Here are some of the reasons one should
quit smoking:
Smokers were not included if they were using other smoking cessation aids, are allergic to citrus or had dental problems. Smoking reduction was confirmed by measuring the amount of exhaled carbon monoxide (CO), with measurements at weeks 9-12 being the primary outcome. The severity of craving was also measured through the use of a visual analogue scale.

How Lime Juice Works.
Lime is a non-toxic and easily accessible alternative to nicotine gum. It also has many side benefits which includes alkalinizing the tissues, which are normally more acidic in smokers.

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