They seem innocent enough, but for the millions of Americans living with a peanut allergy, these little legumes are no joke. Peanut allergies account for the most food allergy deaths, and more kids are developing peanut allergies each yeaThese precious berries are delicious and safe in jellies and jams. They’re also popular in homeopathy treatments and known for boosting the immune system. But the seeds, twigs and leaves can cause nausea and more severe forms of sickness if ingested.

Extended family: The 92-year-old farmer is pictured with his young bride (centre), one of his teenage grandsons (far left) his grandsons' new wives (second left, far right) as they celebrate after the triple wedding ceremony
I remained alone when my wife died, there was nobody to share anything with. I wanted to have a good time, have some pleasure, but there was nothing. Then God brought her to me, for my pleasure. Is that good or bad?," he said.

The sesame in this Green Beans Curry adds a delicate flavor, while the peanuts add a nice crunch and additional protein. This is a quick and easy recipe, especially if you pre-cook the vegetables in the microwave. If you want to cook the beans in the skillet, it will take 5-6 more minutes, depending on how fresh and tender the beans are.Ever since meeting my husband almost five years ago I have loved Sri Lankan food. When he was a child, his mother used to make separate “North American” food for him because he would refuse to eat the curries and rice she cooked daily. Ironically, he now asks for Sri Lankan food all the time.

How to remove facial hair for women? Well, there are many ways to get rid of it including at home, all natural ways and more advanced options that can remove it permanently. We give you the do’s and don’ts, including the pros and cons for this delicate zone to help you choose the right Probably the most common way to remove hair since it's fast, cheap, and easy to do yourself. With shaving, there is a risk for nicks, ingrown hairs, and the dreaded razor burn

Garlic has been used all over the world for thousands of years. Records indicate that garlic was in use when the Giza pyramids were built, about five thousand years ago.Part of the lily, or alium, family, of which onions are also a member, garlic is one of the most indispensible ingredients around, and plays a central role in Mediterranean and Asian cookery. A bulb composed of many individual cloves enclosed in a thin white, mauve or purple skin, it's quite fiery, pungent and crunchy when raw. As it cooks it becomes more mellow and creamy.

Yorkshire Pudding was originally served as a first course, to temper the appetite and make the meat go further. But crisply-made Yorkshire Pud is now - and with every reason - something of a delicacy. There are just a few rules: for a successful pudding you must (i) have the oven very hot, (ii) use a flameproof metal containerpudding many, many ways over the years. And it's nearly always good. But from this day forward if you come to my house for dinner, and I decide chocolate pudding might be a nice finish to the meal, this is the recipe I'll be using. It's from a whimsical, illustrated French children's cookbook published by Random House

Lucky people. lucky people. Everywhere. It takes watching a video like this to make you realize how slim the boundaries are between a healthy, long, happy life and sudden death. You really do feel sometimes that someone else is rolling the dice for you, deciding your fate. Or you just happen to be lucky.
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