Checking the health of your tires is one of the simplest practices of motorcycle maintenance. Using just your eyes, you can inspect for low tread, crazing, bulges, flat spots, scalloping, aging and punctures. Below, we'll show you how to identify and judge each of these issues.If you have your own car then today’s article will be very valuable for you. Today we are going to point out when is the time you should change your old tires set. Most people don’t know the right time and right techniques to identify this. So they are driving their vehicles with a great risk.What comes to mind when you think “road trip?” Is it a cross-country drive for you and your friends, with just the right music on the radio and plenty of good conversation along the way? Or is it the classic family road trip, with too much luggage, kids in the back seat searching for out-of-state license plates, with lots of breaks at rest stops, gas stations, and fast food joints?

Human body is the most amazing creation in all time. There are many important organs in the human body which are essential to live without dying. Among them the lungs are one of the most important organs. It is responsible for inhalation and storage of oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide from the body through the nose.  Its function is to protect membranes and help the body fight infection. However, if the body produces too much mucus and it begins to accumulate in the lungs, symptoms can occur. This includes coughing, trouble breathing, fatigue and chest pain or discomfort. In some cases, mucus is an early warning sign of a serious underlying disease.We all know that carrots are healthy – they contain rich amounts of vitamin A and beta-carotene which are crucial for our eyesight. They are also a great source of vitamins B, C and K and essential minerals such as manganese, magnesium,

Did you know that tomatoes do not need to be a-deep red colorization to become a first-rate way to obtain lycopene? Lycopene are a pigment that is carotenoid is definitely from the strong red color of many tomatoes.  Chinatown for the first time in years and when I turned onto Mott Street, I barely recognized it. There were single-source coffee shops and brunch-menu bistros. Nail salons. Vintage clothing boutiques. A few blocks further, I spotted some familiar sights: bins of dried shrimp and mushrooms spilling onto the street, tanks of fresh crabs, a couple of old ladies haggling over a pile of dragon eye fruit.Botanically speaking, it’s a fruit. A fruit is something that grows out of the ovaries of a plant which are located at the base of a flower.

To deal with this new threat to the world’s population, the Doomsday Clock was born. In maintenance for more than half a century, the Doomsday Clock is a metaphorical clock with its hands set to just a few minutes until midnight, signifying just how close the world is to absolute annihilation at any given time. During the first year, the clock was given a generous seven minutes until midnight. To deal with this new threat to the world’s population, the Doomsday Clock was born. In maintenance for more than half a century, the Doomsday Clock is a metaphorical clock with its hands set to just a few minutes until midnight, signifying just how close the world

Smokers are prone to having COPD or also known as Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. COPD is an irreversible and life-threatening lung disease which is composed of emphysema (a long-term, progressive disease of the lungs that primarily causes airways and interferes with the normal breathing.Cancer was found to be a greater cause of death than CVD in 10 countries that are members of the European Union — Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom — as well as two not in the EU, Norway and Israel.Smoking damages two main parts of your lungs: your airways, also called bronchial tubes, and small air sacs called alveoli. Cigarette smoke irritates the lining of your bronchial tubes, causing them to swell and make mucus. Cigarette smoke also slows the movement of your cilia,

Most infections by dengue virus (DENV) occur after subcutaneous injection of the virus into the skin. Released viral particles may infect nearby cells (thought to be predominantly monocytes or dendritic cells (DCs)) or activate resident immune cells such as mast cellsDengue is the most common arthropod-borne viral infection in humans with ∼50 million cases annually worldwide. In recent decades, a steady increase in the number of severe dengue cases has been seen. Severe dengue disease is most often observed in individuals that have pre-existing immunity against heterotypic dengue subtypes and in infants with low levels of maternal dengue antibodies. Viruses are tiny agents that can infect a variety of living organisms, including bacteria, plants, and animals. Like other viruses, the dengue virus is a microscopic structure that can only replicate inside a host organism. Who discovered the dengue virus? How many types of dengue viruses are there, and what do we know about them? How does the dengue virus infect a cell and replicate itself? In this section, we will explore the answers to these questions.

Giant snake, biggest snake ever. Man eaten alive by a giant anaconda snake. the longest anaconda found
Today we’re tackling the case of this giant snake, an anaconda that swallowed a man alive.Sometimes, a lot of thought and effort expended on just the right advertising can be ruined by some unfortunate placement. It seems like everyday someone somewhere is tweeting a screen cap of yet another online ad placement mishap.No one is allowed on the island. There is 1 snake every square meter they say. Since there is no other animal there to eat the snakes live on trees and kill birds that land there.
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