William Gadoury, a 11-years-old teenager from Québec, obsessed with both Maya civilization and astronomy, may have discovered a lost city! Hidden for more than 2000 years, it could resemble the already discovered ones in the South of Mexico
Using charts and satellite photos he's pinpointed a possible 'lost' city
K'aak Chi or 'Mouth of Fire' looks as if it has a pyramid and 30 buildings
If this is true, it would make the Mayan settlement one of the fifth largest

Whether you believe in a divine creator, or you don’t believe in any intelligent being, we should be able to all come to an agreement that the human body is a pretty incredible creation. The fact that our lifespans have nearly doubled in the last one hundred years says a lot about how we have grown, evolved, and developed as a species. But interestingly enough, we don’t know much about our own body, such as how to ticks, what makes it function and other ways that help us just exist. Here are some of the most fascinating facts about the human body that’s sure to get your senses tingling.
We did not know the human body is amazing range of issues
The human body is amazing, we did not know nimævuumaki hide many secrets unknown. What we heard earlier in this article, we bring practical issues

Did you know that as we’re born, we are born with 270 bones in our bodies. But as we get older, our bones fuse together and we’re left with about 206 bones total. Our heart beats over 100,000 times a day, and starts beating about 4 weeks after we are conceived. Even if the heart if removed from our bodies, it will keep beating as it functions on its own electrical impulse. Our eyes can see over ten million colors and initially sees everything upside down until the brain flips everything back over. Our nose is pretty amazing, as it is the crucial link to the working of our sense of taste. The nose can remember over 50,000 different scents and associates them with specific memories. That’s why we can be taken back to places, different periods of our life, and more if we smell
We did not know the human body is amazing range of issues
The human body is amazing, we did not know nimævuumaki hide many secrets unknown. What we heard earlier in this article, we bring practical issues
something that is identical in scent to that memory. The nose also acts as our own air system, by cooling down hot air and warming up cold air as it enters our body.

In aid of the construction of the Cancer Unit of the Karapitiya Hospital in Galle walk trail started in 2016 in Jaffna this morning (14) has arrived in Vavuniya Madawatchi started.
US $ 5 million (Rs 735 million) for the cost of the already more than 220 million have joined the march that organizers say.
Walk for 28 days -
Organizers say the march has already collected a total of approximately 220 million.
March will travel from Dondra covering 670 kilometers over 28 days.

Foot brand ambassador of Sri Lanka cricket captain Mahela Jayawardene has joined it.

Elon Musk wants you to take your hands off the wheel, foot off the gas, and let him do the driving. Rather, One push of a button and 140,000 Tesla owners get a new user interface, improved Autopilot, and some clever new abilities. WIRED takes Tesla's new system for a spin.We take the newly-released Tesla Model X for a test drive, courtesy of a friend of Tested. Here's how the Model X compares with the Model S, how the gull wing doors work, and what it's like to drive with Tesla's Autopilot mode on the freeway. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time!What’s it really like trusting a car with your life at 70mph? Alex finds out by handing over complete control to the Tesla Model S fitted with ‘Autopilot’ mode!Tesla is a car in the top car market.Tesla is a car in the top car market. Recently announced the latest car technology has been designed to create the future Tesla Motor company technologically expensive luxury car manufacturing industry.

How the program announcer in there kissing Live nivēdīkāvagē breast harness looks here-This woman didn't want to be kissed on live TV. The presenter decided to kiss her \ instead

A woman playing Kim Kardashian in a French gameshow skit had her breast kissed on live television.

Natalie Hansamali is known as a star news maker kenekne man. Here again she started work. Miss & Mrs Asia Nobel Queen International Hansamali with Natalie to participate in the 2016 Alisa Attanayake went to Malaysia recently. So, this is how it bikiniyen boy crazy Aljazeera.
Natalie Hansamali now Mrs. Nobel Queen has gone to Malaysia to join the tournament in 2016.

He obtained several photos can watch below.

How to remove a broken key from a file cabinet lock or a desk lock different tricks to get that broken key out of any lock-
Here are two ways to save the key breakaway saraḷama
Important emergency
how anyone can remove a broken key from any lock with common household tools. doors, cars, trucks, boats, helecopters, snowmobiles, padlocks, heavy machinery. simple demo video from
quick and informative broken key removal vid from the handyman zone. watch and learn how to get the broken key stub out of any lock with common household tools, saving the locksmiths minimum $300 service call charge-Extracting part of a broken key from a lock, I did try super glue but failed miserably-
Here are two ways to save the key breakaway saraḷama
Important emergency

using a cheap lock for visual plaY , although the same methods will work for any type or manufacture of lock. home, auto, truck, boat, aircraft, heavy machinery , safes.

Dino Pinch your expert licensed handyman teaches 7 or 8 different methods of broken key extraction. From old wire coat hanger to real professional broken key extraction tool
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